About Us

The KJP Synod Mihngi is one of the constituent units of the Presbyterian Church of India. It has been bifurcated from the erstwhile Khasi Jaintia Presbyterian Synod and was constituted on the 17th. November, 2002 by Rev. H. Remthanga, Moderator, General Assembly, Presbyterian Church of India at the Jowai Presbyterian Church, Jowai Riwar Presbytery where delegates and members from all the presbyteries of the Synod have come together to worship and glorify God. The K.J.P.Synod Mihngi, as a mark to commemorate the day of its constitution has set that the Sunday on the 3rd week of November every year will be celebrated as the K.J.P.Synod Mihngi Sunday where all Presbyteries, Districts and local Churches under its administration are to observe this Sunday, to collect special offerings for the Synod and to offer their prayer that God will strengthen the Synod to march forward from strength to strength and to bless all its activities for the extension of God`s Kingdom. The Synod use to have its Annual General Meeting from one Presbytery to another (turn-wise) where various Departments of the Synod furnish the report of their activities and performances, placing their proposals for approval, and also delegates from all the Presbyteries come together participating in all business sessions.

Presbyteries under the KJP Synod Mihngi:

1. Laitumkhrah Presbytery
2. Shillong Sepngi Presbytery
3. Mylliem Presbytery
4. Khadarblang Presbytery
5. Lumshyllong Presbytery
6. Home Mission Presbytery
7. Lum Rapleng Presbytery
8. Shangpung Presbytery
9. Jowai Presbytery
10. War Jaintia Presbyrtery
11. Wahiajer Moodymmai Presbytery
12. Nangbah Nongjngi Hadem Presbytery
13. Rymbai Presbytery
14. Sutnga Presbytery
15. Mowkaiaw Presbytery
16. Narpuh Border Presbytery
17. Pnar Thor Mihngi Presbytery



Pnar Thor Sepngi Presbytery

Mynso Presbytery

Wapung Presbytery