Mission and Evangelism

The Mission and Evangelism Department is looking after the Mission Work in and outside the Synod. To reach out the Gospel to every nook and corner inside/outside the Synod. Mission Fields have been set up and reorganized as follows:

Within the Synod:

(a) Wapung Mission Centre ∼ Wapung Mission Centre covering the area under the, Shangpung, Mowkaiaw and Mynso Presbyteries.

The Centre also run a School named “Ku Chaphrang  Presbyterian Upper Primary School” at Lumpliah Village which located within Assam – Meghalaya border. There is none except this only School who serve to educate the people of vast Labang area.

(b) Silchar Mission Centre ∼ Silchar Mission Centre covering the area in the southern part under Pnar Thor Mihngi and Pnar Thor Sepngi Presbyteries.

(c) Wahiajer Mission Centre ∼ Wahiajer Mission Centre covering the area under the Jowai, War Jaintia, Nangbah Nongjngi Hadem and Wahiajer Moodymmai Presbyteries.

(d)Khliehriat Mission Centre ∼ Khliehriat Mission Centre  covering the area under Rymbai, Sutnga and Narpuh Border Presbyteries.

(e) Pynursla Mission Centre ∼ Pynursla Mission Centre covering the area under the Shillong Sepngi and Mylliem, Khadar Blang, Lum Shyllong, Home Mission, Lum Rapleng and Laitumkhrah Presbyeries.

In each Mission Centre there is a Field Secretary who looks after and supervises the works of numbers of appointed Mission Workers.

Outside the Synod:

(a) Assam Mission Field ∼ This comprises of Bamuni Mission Station (Nagoan), Kamrup Mission Station and Jagi Road Mission Station (Marigoan).

(b) Arunachal Pradesh Mission Field ∼ In Arunachal Pradesh the Mission Work has been concentrated at Naharlagun Papum Pale District and Namsing East, Siang District. It has also extended its mission work at Badeti, Sonitpur District of Assam.

(c) Mishing Mission Field ∼ This has been recently adopted at North Lakhimpur, Upper Assam. The Mission Field has also run the School known as “Elizah English School” Amlakhy, North Lakhimpur.

Among other Missionaries, Missionary Teachers, Mission Workers appointed in Mission Fields, One Field Secretary especially from among the students who have passed Theology has also been appointed in each Mission Field to look after and supervise the mission works. The work is 4 progressive and hopeful. We believe that by God’s Grace one day His Church will be established in these Mission Fields. The Department is assisting the PCI in supervising the work of PCI. Mission Worker posted at Byrwai Mission Field in West Jaintia Hills District.