Synod Office Administration Department

The Synod Office Administration Department looks after the smooth functioning of the Office. The Officers looking after the Synod Office are ∼ the Senior Executive Secretary, Executive Secretaries. These are selected from among the senior church Ministers of the Synod. Their function is to see that the works under different Departments of the Synod are timely attended and fully carried out as per Resolutions adopted from time to time.

The Department has also appointed Office Staff as per sanctioned strength passed by the Synod to attend the daily office works.

Present Office Bearers Contact No

  • Moderator             (2023 – 2024) : Rev. C.L.Laloo.
  • Moderator Elect (2023 – 2024) : Rev. A.L.Laskor.
  • Secretary                 (2022-2024) : Rev. K. S. Shylla
  • Asstt. Secretary (2022-2024)   : Rev.  C. S. Suchiang
  • Treasurer               (2023-2024)   : T.Bn.B.N.Lamare
  • Statistician            (2023)                 : Rev.  P.R.L. Gadew
  • Senior Executive Secretary (2022-2025) : Rev. K. Pariat.
  • Executive Secretary                 (2022-2025) : Rev. P. L. Pakma
  • Coordinator, Jingiaseng Kynthei, K.J.P.Synod Mihngi : Mrs. G.P. Pohshna