Holidays & Observances, 2019

1st.    Tuesday  New Year’s Day
2nd.   Wednesday Prayer meeting for Pastors.
26th. Saturday Republic Day
1st.   Friday Jingiaseng Samla KJP. Synod Mihngi at Wapung Presbyterian Church, Shangpung Presbytery.
2nd.    Saturday –   Ditto –
3rd.    Sunday – Ditto –
14th.  Thursday Jingiaseng K.J.P. Synod Mihngi at Lumshnong Presbyterian Church, Narpuh Border  Presbytery.
15th.  Friday – Ditto –
16th. Saturday – Ditto –
17th. Sunday – Ditto –
18th. Monday Monday after Synod Meeting
11th. Thursday Jingiaseng KJP.Assembly at Nongjri Presbyterian Church, Rangthong Presbytery
12th. Friday – ditto –
13th. Saturday – ditto –
14th. Sunday – Ditto –
19th. Friday

21st. Sunday

22nd. Monday


Good Friday

Easter Sunday

Easter Monday

5th.   Sunday Christian Home Sunday
2nd.    Sunday

9th. Sunday

Environment Sunday.

Pentecost Sunday/ PCI. General Assembly Day of Prayer

22nd. Thursday Thomas Jones’ Day
7th.     Sunday Theological College Sunday
14th. Sunday Behdeinkhlam festival.
15th.    Monday Women’s Week
16th.  Tuesday – Ditto –
17th.   Wednesday – Ditto -/ Tirot Sing’s Day
18th.   Thursday – Ditto –
19th.   Friday – Ditto –
20th.   Saturday – Ditto –
21st.  Sunday Women’s Sunday
29th. Monday Revival Week
30th.  Tuesday – ditto
31st.   Wednesday – Ditto –
1st.      Thursday – ditto –
2nd.    Friday – Ditto –
3rd.     Saturday – Ditto –
4th.     Sunday Revival Sunday
15th.   Thursday Independence Day
26th.   Monday Youth Week
27th.   Tuesday – Ditto –
28th.   Wednesday – Ditto –
29th.   Thursday – Ditto –
30th.    Friday

31st. Saturday

– Ditto –

  • ditto –
1st.    Sunday Youth Sunday
2nd.    Wednesday Gandhiji’s Birth Day
6th.     Sunday Mission & Evangelism Sunday
13th.     Sunday Jingiaseng Shah Jingit Jingiaseng Kynthei KJP.Synod Mihngi.
18th.   Friday Jingiaseng Iasyllok ki Pastor KJP. Synod Mihngi at Baniun P.C., Myllkiem Presbytery.
19th.   Saturday – Ditto –
20st.   Sunday – Ditto –
3rd.     Sunday World Sunday School Day
17th.   Sunday KJP. Synod Mihngi Sunday
23rd.   Friday Seng Kut Snem.
1st.     Sunday Bible Sunday
8th.     Sunday K.J.P. Assembly Sunday
12th.   Thursday Patogan N. Sangma Death Anniversary
18th.   Wednesday U Soso Tham’s Day
23th.   Monday Christmas Holiday
24th.   Tuesday Christmas Holiday
25th.   Wednesday Christmas Day
26th.   Thursday Christmas Holiday
27th.   Friday – Ditto –
28th.   Saturday


– Ditto –
30th.   Monday Kiang Nangbah Death Anniversary




The Annual General Meeting, 2019

The Annual General Meeting, 2018 of the Jingiaseng Samla K.J.P. Synod Mihngi was held on the 9th to 11th March 2018, at Sutnga Presbyterian Church, Sutnga Presbytery

The Annual Meeting of KJP Synod Mihngi:   The Jingiaseng Synod (Annual General Meeting) of KJP Synod Mihngi 2018 was held at Tynring Presbyterian Church, Shilliang Umkhen District, Laitumkhrah Presbytery on the 15th – 18th March 2018.

The Jingiaseng Samla KJP. Synod Mihngi, 2019 will be held at Wapung Presbyterian Church, Shangpung Presbytery from 1st. March, 2019 to 3rd. March, 2019.

The Jingiaseng Synod 2019 of the KJP Synod Mihngi will be held at Lumshnong Presbyterian Church, Narpuh Border Presbytery, on the 14th – 17th March 2019.   Subject Synod: “To sharai, to iengskhem ha ka jingngeit” (1 Kor 16:13)


To God be the Glory